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Recovering from substance use or drug addiction requires effective treatment that heals all aspects of dependence which includes the psychological, physical and spiritual side of this disease. Our recovery program of treating substance abuse at Shiloh is a Holistic approach healing the mental and psychological problems that addiction has caused. Addiction also takes a devastating toll on a person's physical health not just their mental health. Because addiction affects the whole person including their spiritual well-being we provide our patients with a comprehensive treatment plan that will heal and balance all areas affected by this illness.

It's important to address the areas in a person's life that led them to substance use and addiction in order to prevent a relapse in the future. Important effective coping techniques are necessary to help avoid returning to destructive behaviors in the future. Our residential treatment focuses on healing through individual counseling and therapy, family counseling, 12 step programs, addiction education, nutrition, recreation and fitness, and relaxation therapy. No one wants to be mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually ill and unhappy. Your road to recovery can start here today and regain your freedom and zest for life.

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