Marbella Dual Recovery Center

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Lake County - Round Lake, Illinois 60073

There are many people today young and older that have formed dependence to more than one substance and are unable to stop on their own. At Marbella Dual Recovery we provide our patients with safe medication assisted detoxification keeping them comfortable during this process. Many times patients are dependent on alcohol and other drugs like painkillers, meth, and cocaine that make recovery very difficult and unsuccessful.

Assessments are done on each client when entering our 30 day inpatient dual recovery program and treatment is then provided based on the client's own unique results. A wide range of treatment and therapies are provided for our clients addressing both forms of addiction, mental health disorders if present, and underlying issues that could affect their recovery.

Programs Used During Treatment

  1. Medication Assisted Detoxification
  2. Assessments
  3. 12 Step Groups
  4. Addiction and Relapse Education
  5. Individual Counseling and Therapy
  6. Group Therapy
  7. Family Counseling
  8. After Care support meetings

If you or someone you know is dependent on more than one drug or substance, we can provide them the treatment they need to successfully manage their sobriety and recovery. Give us a call.

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