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Some people are in need of a Christian recovery program to overcome their dependence to drugs or alcohol in order to heal spiritually as well. Addiction affects the whole person not just the physical and emotional side. Addiction also destroys the essence of who we are so we're not just emotionally sick or physically sick we're also spiritually in need of healing. The spiritual side of us is responsible for how we embrace life, our loved ones, our Higher Power and our will to live.

Our Christian Spiritual Recovery Program helps people heal from the inside out from the illness of addiction learning, healing and growing one day at a time. Our 28 day inpatient Christian Recovery program is based on healing the mind, body, and spirit with 12 step programs, daily reflections, individual therapy, group therapy and Church Services on Sundays. Utilizing programs and services that heal us spiritually helps to release us from guilt and emotional pain that our substance abuse has caused.

Family counseling is also a part of our Christian Recovery program bringing the family together and healing the wounds that addiction has caused. We help men and women overcome their dependence to drugs and alcohol, maintain sobriety and begin a fresh new start with a whole new lease on life. Continuing 12 Step Support meetings from Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous when treatment is completed and applying the spiritual principles in our daily lives strengthens recovery and maintains freedom from the need or use of substances in our life.

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