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Illinois Drug Rehabilitaion Programs

The abuse of illegal drugs, prescription drugs, and alcohol can lead to devastating and heartbreaking consequences as well as addiction. Many of our young people are experimenting with substance use and don't realize the risks they're taking by doing so. The younger a person is when they start using drugs, alcohol or other substances the greater their chances are of becoming addicted. Today not only are street drugs like cocaine, meth, heroin, and marijuana being used by people to get high but prescription drugs are abused for the same reasons. Many prescription medications when misused are just as dangerous and addictive as street drugs but most young people don't realize that and painkillers and antidepressants are becoming a common drug of abuse throughout the United States.

Addiction is a chronic disease that's treatable and preventable in most cases. Some people do become dependent on prescription medications that have been prescribed by their physician to manage pain and other health problems. But today teens, young adults and older adults are misusing prescription drugs for non-medical reasons and are risking addiction and serious health problems by doing so.

  • Illinois Crack Cocaine Addiction

    The abuse of crack cocaine is very serious in the state of Illinois especially in Chicago and other urban areas as well. Cocaine is a very powerful drug that many people use to get high and sadly there are many serious risks taken when a person uses the addictive stimulant drug. Crack cocaine is a widely abused drug that is derived from cocaine and is a preferred form of cocaine among many drug users. This form of cocaine is smoked and delivers an immediate rush when abused. Illegal drugs like crack cocaine aren't tolerated in the state of Illinois and there can be a hefty price to pay if caught.

  • Heroin Abuse and Rehab

    Heroin is another street drug that's abused in Illinois that very addictive. There are many risks involving the use of heroin besides addiction which include breathing problems, coma, overdose and death. According to KMOV there have been a dozen deaths since January in Madison County Illinois associated with heroin.

    Heroin is abused throughout the United States and individuals that inject the drug risk HIV, hepatitis B & C and other viruses that are blood-borne. Unfortunately today there are many people who are chronically addicted to heroin and in need of intense treatment.

  • Illinois Meth Abuse on the Rise

    Meth is an extremely addictive stimulant drug that many people become addicted to very easily. Meth is such a powerful drug that it destroys not only the user mentally and physically but destroys the environment as well. Meth labs that produce methamphetamine are not only illegal but dangerous to the environment and residents nearby.

    The prevention of meth abuse is taken very seriously in Illinois as well as other substance use. Illinois Meth Project is the state's prevention program that educates their citizens about the serious dangers and consequences related to the use and abuse of methamphetamine. Illinois is focused on educating young people about the risks involved with meth use making sure they receive the facts needed to make good choices and keep them well informed. When it comes to meth related arrests Illinois ranks number 4 which shows the stimulant drug is a problem in the state but also not tolerated by law officials.

  • Cannabis & Marijuana Addiction

    Cannabis also known as marijuana is an illegal drug that's used by people in every age group. Out of all abused substances marijuana is the most common drug people use. In Illinois marijuana can be easily found. Many people illegally grow marijuana, some for their own use and others grow marijuana for illegal sale and risk legal consequences if caught in Illinois.

  • Illinois' Prescription Drug Problem

    A Research Bulletin from November 2008 shows that SAMHSA estimates there were around 500,000 residents of Illinois using prescription drugs for non-medical reasons at that time. Prescription drugs are becoming a major problem in most states anymore and people are risking addiction and death when they do. Illinois is one of 35 states that have operational PDMP's now which is a statewide electronic database that collects designated data on substances dispensed in the state.

    Many young people are experimenting with prescription drugs because they're easy to find and they're legal. They just don't realize how addictive painkillers and other prescription drugs are and the affects these medications are going to be on their health if they continuing abusing them.

  • Help For Alcoholics in Illinois

    Every year anywhere from 9,000 to 10,000 people who live in Illinois die from injuries that are accidental and around 40 percent of the deaths are alcohol related. Illinois Department of Human Services provides addiction education and effective treatment for those suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction in their community.

    Many different treatment options and programs are available throughout the State of Illinois for residents in need of help for the use of drugs, alcohol and other substance abuse. The state of Illinois continues to educate their residents focusing on preventing drug and alcohol abuse especially in their young people.

Drugs like cocaine, heroin, meth, marijuana and prescription drugs are also a problem throughout the state of Illinois. The state of Illinois works very hard to protect their citizens and provides treatment services throughout the state for individuals in need of help and recovery for substance abuse and addiction as well as their families. Illinois law enforcement continues to crack down on the illegal trafficking and distribution of drugs throughout their state. Over five percent of all deaths among Illinois residents are either directly or indirectly drug or alcohol related.

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