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If you're looking for help in order to deal with a gambling problem, tobacco addiction, marijuana dependence or a spending problem our counselors and therapists are here to help. Gambling is big business today and many adults have found themselves in trouble due to problem gambling. Compulsive gambling can destroy a person's life if gone untreated but together we can help you recover from addictive behaviors like this.

Tobacco addiction affects men and women of all ages throughout the United States. We have helped men and women just like you stop smoking successfully with counseling, behavior therapy and skills for dealing with stress.

Marijuana is one of the most wide spread drugs used today by teens, young and older adults. Some people are unable to stop smoking marijuana on their own and we help them through counseling, behavioral therapy and coping skills. Many people become addicted to marijuana with long term use and many times this leads to other substance abuse problems.

When someone is addicted to shopping they're really covering up feelings of stress, anxiety and depression that can be caused from other problems going on in their life that haven't been dealt with yet. We help our clients recognize and work through issues that fuel their shopping addiction and utilize behavior therapy to help them change unhealthy behaviors.

Our counselors and therapists are skilled in addiction and behavior therapy and can help you too with these addictive behaviors.

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