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Eating disorders like compulsive overeating are rarely about the food itself but more about emotional and psychological underlying problems that are comforted by the use of food. When emotional issues or traumatic events take place in our lives especially during childhood we find comfort where we can and for most people, food makes us feel better. When we have an eating disorder the use of foods only makes us feel better for the moment and then we feel worse later because of our loss of control. Many of us learned to overeat as a child when we were seeking comfort and carry the same coping skills into our adult life.

Our counselors and therapists at Kirkland Counseling are here to help our clients uncover the reasons behind their compulsive overeating, binge eating or other eating disorders so they can effectively heal and change destructive coping mechanisms. We help our clients learn to manage stress and emotional issues with healthy coping skills instead of the use of foods which just adds to more stress.

We also recommend self-help programs like Overeaters Anonymous to our clients embracing the support they receive from other men and women who also share the same food addictions and behaviors. We help our clients understand their food addiction and develop a healthy relationship with food and regain their self –control which provides happiness and contentment.

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