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At Hopewell Guidance Center we help adolescents and teens understand the dangers and serious risk they may face associated with alcohol, drug and other substance abuse. Today many young people are faced with peer pressure problems, experimentation with drugs and alcohol, and the need to fit in with their friends. Not being accepted by your peers during your teenage years can cause depression, overeating, and substance use as a way of coping or just to fit in.

Street drugs today are more dangerous than ever due to potency and toxic chemicals that are included in synthetic man made drugs like K2, ecstasy, and bath salts. Many teens don't realize that using designer drugs like this can be lethal the first time because they never know what they could be laced with. A person with low self-esteems can be talked into trying street drugs or even prescription drugs just so they're not later made fun of.

Through addiction education, group therapy, individual counseling and discussion groups we help our young people understand the serious and dangerous side of experimentation, substance use and drug and alcohol addiction. We help teens boost their self-esteem, learn skills that help them not only make good choices but feel good about the choices they make, and understand what chronic addiction is and how it gets started.

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