Bancliff Drug Abuse Youth Program

(773) 904-0422 or 1-888-565-6401

7122 South California Ste F

Cook County - Chicago, Illinois 60629

Our mission at Bancliff is to provide adolescents and teens with the knowledge, self-esteem and tools they need to overcome their use drugs or alcohol, avoid negative peer pressure, and set positive goals for their future. Our staff is dedicated to helping our youth understand substance abuse and the serious destructive damage it causes to their health, family, future and well-being.

We understand how hard it is sometimes not fitting in with friends and peers. Sometimes young people experiment with drugs and alcohol because their friends are and they want to fit in even if they know they shouldn't. Unfortunately most young people don't realize the consequences for their choices ahead of time and find out much too late how addictive most drugs are. When adolescents and teens are provided with facts and are able to see what substance use can do and what it has done to many young people and adults, it's easier for them to re-think their choices.

Our outpatient drug abuse youth program provides addiction education, coping skills for stress, depression, peer pressure and goal planning for the future. Individual counseling, group therapy, and prevention education are also part of our services. Preventing substance use and addiction is critical for the health and well-being of our youth's future.

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